"We Do Scientific R&D..."

--Desmond J. Watson, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, The Hexagon Lavish

Purpose of HL

We conduct scientific research to bring products to global consumer markets that will benefit them in the long-run.


Our mission is to show the world the benefits of conducting scientific research when it's about science, not consensus.

This Is Not Some "High-Tech" Startup

This is no cookie-cutter Silicon Valley "high-tech" startup; HL is a scientific R&D startup based in Atlanta, Georgia. We are fully committed to our mission and purpose. We represent what the 5th-level economy (R&D) would be in the United States.

Why This Particular Startup Exist In The First Place

One would think that the world today would be more open to science; it's not. Things aren't always what they seem to be. There's a lot of experimental data to play with and you need to be the right person to employ the right people to handle the data when it has grown to such a magnitude it's astounding to have to deal with so many nontrivial problems on the infrastructural side. There's an advantage to having the right scientists, the right engineers, the right mathematicians and the right programmers to devise ways to push the limitations of the software and hardware you're working with in order to get things down from a microsecond-to-nanosecond-to-picosecond precision.

Another reason why this particular startup exist is because I (Desmond J. Watson) am totally against startups that are wholly dedicated to mobile/web apps or "high-tech" startups that encourage mediocrity amongst people that have limited skills and work experience. If you think that your typical "high-tech" startup is going to compete with The Hexagon Lavish, think again.

One key advantage that we have is that we're aware of the difference between risk and uncertainty. The former entails randomness whose model parameters you are uncertain; the latter entails randomness whose models you are uncertain. Even your more established entities are unaware of this imposing dilemma.

Scientific R&D

There's no big secret that venture capitalists are known for making big investments in technology--and that's where the downfall for venture capitalists begins since the United States of America was supposed to have entered its 5th-level economy back in the 1990s--and that 5th-level economy is R&D (Research and Development). Currently, the country is stuck in its 4th-level economy, which is technology. The fact that investors have continuously ignored this reality has created a niche market for this startup, therefore, The Hexagon Lavish has no domestic competition. We're engaged in scientific research and development. How come you're not?

The HL Team

Zheng Zhai --Electrical Engineer

Desmond J. Watson --Founder, Chief Executive Officer