"We Do Scientific R&D..."

--Desmond J. Watson, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, The Hexagon Lavish

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Purpose of HL

We conduct scientific research to bring products to global consumer markets that will benefit them in the long-run.


Our mission is to show the world the benefits of conducting scientific research when it's about science, not consensus.

This Is Not Some "High-Tech" Startup

This is no cookie-cutter Silicon Valley "high-tech" startup; HL is a scientific R&D startup based in Atlanta, Georgia. We are fully committed to our mission and purpose. We represent what the 5th-level economy (R&D) would be in the United States.


Premier Information Retrieval®

Updates on this particular research project will be posted soon!

Why This Particular Startup Exist In The First Place

One would think that the world today would be more open to science; it's not. Things aren't always what they seem to be. There's a lot of experimental data to play with and you need to be the right person to employ the right people to handle the data when it has grown to such a magnitude it's astounding to have to deal with so many nontrivial problems on the infrastructural side. There's an advantage to having the right scientists, the right engineers, the right mathematicians and the right programmers to devise ways to push the limitations of the software and hardware you're working with in order to get things down from a microsecond-to-nanosecond-to-picosecond precision.

Another reason why this particular startup exist is because I (Desmond J. Watson) am totally against startups that are wholly dedicated to mobile/web apps or "high-tech" startups that encourage mediocrity amongst people that have limited skills and work experience. If you think that your typical "high-tech" startup is going to compete with The Hexagon Lavish, think again.

One key advantage that we have is that we're aware of the difference between risk and uncertainty. The former entails randomness whose model parameters you are uncertain; the latter entails randomness whose models you are uncertain. Even your more established entities are unaware of this imposing dilemma.

Scientific R&D

There's no big secret that venture capitalists are known for making big investments in technology--and that's where the downfall for venture capitalists begins since the United States of America was supposed to have entered its 5th-level economy back in the 1990s--and that 5th-level economy is R&D (Research and Development). Currently, the country is stuck in its 4th-level economy, which is technology. The fact that investors have continuously ignored this reality has created a niche market for this startup, therefore, The Hexagon Lavish has no domestic competition. We're engaged in scientific research and development. How come you're not?

HL Research Projects

Updates on HL research projects will be posted soon!

The HL Team

Zheng Zhai --Electrical Engineer

Mr. Zheng Zhai is currently the Electrical Engineer at The Hexagon Lavish. Mr. Zheng Zhai received his B.E in 2011 in Electrical Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). He received his M.S in 2013 in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Duke University. Mr. Zheng Zhai’s research background includes CMOS analog/digital circuit design, signal process, electromagnetic theory and microelectromechanical system (MEMS).

Mr. Zheng Zhai’s earlier research and design experiences with his undergraduate study at HIT have given him exposure to a broad range of areas in the aspects of electrical engineering. During his graduate program and research in DSIL laboratory at Duke University, he worked on several projects and gained a lot of experience in IC design, signal process and MEMS design. Mr. Zheng Zhai has expertise in mixed IC analysis and other relevant blocks design like Multiplier, CRC, PLL, DAC, ADC, analog filters and reference circuits as well. During the course project of CMOS VLSI Design Methodologies, he designed a configurable, high speed UART by himself. The UART was implemented, fabricated, and tested with 0.5um CMOS technology. And during the CP-PLL project, he developed a strong background in amplifier and loop filter analysis and design.

In addition, Mr. Zheng Zhai is self-motivated and an easy-going person. Strong organizational and team oriented skills are developed over all these years. All of these characteristics would serve him well on the design team. He is excited about stepping into the position in which he will be able to utilize his research and engineering skills and contribute them to the products and at the same time experience new challenges and opportunities.

Desmond J. Watson --Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Desmond J. Watson hails from an independent research background starting back in 2003 at Fho-Bis, LLC., where he worked part-time at the small startup where he engaged in research with a human-computer interactions team while simultaneously attending Gwinnett Technical College where he studied computer programming before making the decision to transfer to Missouri S&T in 2007 to major in applied mathematics. One year after transferring to S&T, Desmond decided to leave academia and pursue independent research to see exactly where it would take him. He ended up working for various small companies (HP-CVS) and various startups (Analytics 1305, Wuchubuzai) leading up through 2011.

Having yet to complete college, Desmond came in contact with Mr. Beau Hunter in Georgia who had an idea for an "allergy app" in early 2013. After starting his website, The Hexagon Lavish, back in January of 2011, Desmond had the idea of PIR (Premier Information Retrieval®) floating around in his head in which an algorithm would be used to "penetrate" several set points of data that surround an individual--forming one's "personal environment within a greater, overcompassing environment". The similarities between Desmond's [original] idea for PIR and the one proposed to him for the "allergy app" overlapped. Desmond would later form the short-lived partnership, Hunter & Watson, to develop the "allergy app", however his businss partner would later prove to harbor "ulterior motives" involving Mr. Watson's intellectual property in regards to the development of the "allergy app". That's the short version of that account.

Desmond has now taken the initiative to evolve The Hexagon Lavish from a simple website into a scientific R&D startup that is formed around the foundation of utilizing the immutable principles of science [and mathematics] to develop products for the substantial benefit of the global economy. Under Desmond's direction, The Hexagon Lavish will indeed solidify its mission and intended purpose to utilize scientific R&D to initiate growth and transition, not impede growth and transition.

Desmond J. Watson is the founder and chief executive officer of The Hexagon Lavish.

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