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A Little Background on The Hexagon Lavish

The Hexagon Lavish is a scientific research and development start-up based in the United States. It was founded by independent research scientist, Desmond J. Watson, in November of 2010, resulting in the initial development of its website in January of the following year (2011). The start-up initially was focused primarily in machine learning techniques but now has evolved into a small company that's devoted to utilizing Watson's "unorthodox" research methodologies in theoretical development and uncompromised use of mathematics and science.

As of right now, I am looking forward to spending much of 2014 forming a team of scientists, engineers, mathematicians and programmers that will assist me with research projects, the likes of: PIR Premier Information Retrieval®, C.M.A. (Control Manipulation Algorithms), the development of the consequential systems neutralization platform (C.S.N.) and several other research projects.

If you so happen to have the requisite skill-set in applied mathematics; a solid background in computer science; computer engineering; expertise in theoretical development; experience with modular programming; software development; comfy with statistics and/or statistical mechanics; chemistry; bioinformatics; computational biology; computational physics; general physics; computational chemistry;...kindly send your résumé to or click on the link, "Careers at The Hexagon Lavish" up above to get directed to the job listings online and apply there.


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